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A psychological thriller…

unlike any novel you’ve ever read!

The book itself is crazy; crazy cool. . . And there is humor. Lots of funny stuff delivered with the offhand manner of a master comic’s best throw-away lines. . . But it is the author’s genuine creative skills that make his through-the-looking-glass words so entangled and enticing, and makes of his wonderful experiment such a grand success. –Joel R. Dennstedt, Readers’ Favorite



Unravel the mystery of Incognolio or go mad!

Adrift in the dreamlike narrative of his own novel, Muldoon traverses identities, planes of reality, and the dark recesses of his psyche in an effort to grasp the enigmatic Incognolio. Is he writing a story in which his stillborn twin sister has come to life, or is he the one who died at birth and it’s his sister who’s writing the novel? Guided only by the whims and dictates of his subconscious mind, Muldoon must finally face his demons and write his way to freedom or succumb to madness.

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Reviewed By Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite:

Incognolio by Michael Sussman is a literary fiction novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy psychological thrillers with elements of mystery, magic, and science fiction, and who do not mind explicit language, sexual situations, and graphic violence. Muldoon is the narrator of the novel and has an acute injury to his brain according to his neurosurgeon, Dr. Noggin, who cautions against writing Incognolio because the brain injury has made it difficult for him to organize and plan effectively, which would lead to a disorderly plot. Yet, Muldoon does not desire an orderly plot; instead he prefers to share his dealings with the cult, the epidemic, and the mind controlling headband in his own words without regard to conventional organization.


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Abandoned by a cackle of laughing hyenas, Michael Sussman endured the drudgery and hardships of a Moldavian orphanage until fleeing with a traveling circus at the age of twelve. A promising career as a trapeze artist was cut short by a concussion that rendered him lame and mute. Sussman wandered the world, getting by on such odd jobs as pet-food tester, cheese sculptor, human scarecrow, and professional mourner while teaching himself the art of fiction. He now lives in Tahiti with Gauguin, an African Grey parrot.


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Filthy Dirty Blog Tour


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My unique brand of kink has most women dropping their panties.

But not Lola.

Which makes her all the more interesting. You know the old cliché that men love the chase? Hell yeah we do. I want her to fight me. Resist me.

Because when I finally take her, I’ll have conquered not only her body, but her mind. And to a Dom like me, there is no better victory.

This is book 2 in the Filthy Dirty Alpha series, continuing the erotic journey of Lola and Burke, and the dark, and troubling secrets he’s been hiding.

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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Another great piece of work from Grace Morgan! This being the second book, it didn’t feel as though it really deepened the lust and sexual chemistry between Burke and Lola. In saying that, it wasn’t lacking, it followed on perfectly from book one, but it could have been more.The story seemed to focus a lot on Burke & Lola’s thoughts about their ‘arrangement’ and whether it was going to become anything more. The mystery surrounding Hope’s disappearance was still there but mostly it was how Lola was personally dealing with it.

I don’t feel as though I got to know much more about the characters, except for their interesting secrets of course:) And the secrets were not at all what I was expecting.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I highly recommend you add this series to your TBR shelf! Grace Morgan has a fantastic voice.

~ Reviewed by Maci
LLEP Blog Owner

erotic young couple during foreplay


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BDSM isn’t just about sex, it’s about laying yourself bare.

I’m the Dom, and yet with Lola, I’ve been stripped to the core and my secrets exposed for her to judge.

I’ve pushed her limits, and now it’s time for her to make her choice—can she love both the man and the Dom?

Only that answer will determine our fate.

In this third and final installment of the Filthy Dirty Alpha series, Lola and Burke’s passionate relationship is put to the ultimate test.

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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is the third in the Filthy Dirty Alpha series by Grace Morgan. I’ve enjoyed the series so far and this final installment did not disappoint.

The secrets discovered in book two are explained and I felt more of a connection with the characters in this one, learning more about them personally. The sex was still hot, but there was really no bdsm and not a lot of ‘alpha’ type behavior from Burke.

All in all, this is a great series, interesting scenarios with a little kink and alpha thrown in but honestly, most of that was covered in book one. The series is more about the emotional turmoil for Lola around the investigation of Hope’s disappearance and her growing affection for Burke, the owner of a bdsm club. The element of mystery was well written throughout the series.

I am interested to read more of Grace Morgan’s work in the future. I really enjoy her writing.

~ Reviewed by Maci
LLEP Blog Owner




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I was offered an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

WOW!! This is my first exposure to Grace Morgan and I’m desperately waiting for the next installment. Great character development and strong story line. Grace writes an intriguing tale filled with passion and smouldering chemistry.

A journalist investigating the disappearance of a woman who frequented a BDSM club, has agreed to a live in situation with the owner/DOM while she delves into the mystery. All the while her desires are coming alive as she realizes she has some kinks that need to be explored. As the mystery around the disappearance unfolds, could it jeopardize her own journey of self discovery? Will she be able to keep the desires of her heart in check? So many unanswered questions. And I cannot wait for the next installment to have them answered.

Fantastic, sizzling read for those who love a little suspense and erotic romance mixed in with their kink.

Highly recommended read.

~ Reviewed by Maci
LLEP Blog Owner

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Grace Morgan is a Midwestern girl who kicked off her snow boots and ran west to the land of sunshine and flip flops. You can find her sipping cocktails with her girl posse, going on epically bad blind dates, and pretending to be prim and proper while she dreams up steamy scenes, alpha bad boys, and sassy heroines.

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Author Spotlight ~ J.W. Snootz


Published Work: Swinging in Paradise & Seeking Paradise (Feb. 1st)

Website & other author Links:

Current WIP: Vhamps

Author Blurb

Snootz, is a married man and trust me I am the lucky one, with six boys at home, we are very busy people. When I am not writing you will find me hanging with the family. I love the walking dead, a nice 80’s movie marathon, and all things scifi. I have been called a nerd most of my life, and I welcome it as a compliment. I was tested to have a genius 180 iq at age 12, and have been losing it ever since. I enjoy all sports, I have always called Chicagoland home, and despite the terrible winters, I recommend everyone visit our fine city at least once. I know the world makes us all a little crazy, but most days I feel like we could all just take a breath and chill out, we will live a little longer.


1. What inspired you to become a published author?
I have always written since my youth, and while really enjoying the writing, I never was much for sharing my work. Even in college my professors published a few small things for me, but I never really felt like allowing others to read my work was something I would do. Now I finally feel comfortable enough with the writing to share with the world.

2. What is your preferred genre?
My preferred genre, would be all of them, I love erotica, but I like to mix in mystery and thriller as well.



3. Have you written in other genres or do you expect to do so in the future?
I am currently writing a non erotica book, I would call it hard mystery thriller vampire romance.

4. Do you have a favorite author which influences your work?
Stephen King, George RR Martin, Elle Casey, just to name a few, I feel like they all do what they do best, and let the chips fall so to speak. They understand what they are trying to accomplish and won’t compromise for the work for the sake of sales.

5. Where do you find your inspiration to write?
In my daily life, in my vast travels since youth, and of course in my own mind.

6. What are your best writing traits?
When I write, I write, I get in the zone, and pour out chapters at a time, and not just pages.

7. Do you have any bad writing habits you would advise new authors to avoid?
Others feel this is a bad habit, but I enjoy it, I tend to write multiple books at once, not necessarily all the time, but I am constantly adding bits and pieces for other books even when I have a main work in progress going. I usually write multiple stories until one book just sort of takes over becoming my primary focus until it’s about done.

8. Is there a favorite place or time of day you like to write?
My small desk with my door shut, I prefer a very enclosed space for writing, helps me stay in my place. I prefer to write mid-afternoon and evenings.

9. Do you write full time or do you have a day job as well?
Currently writing is my full time job, I have been known to dabble in many other things, including golf instruction.

10. What hobbies keep you busy when you’re not working and/or writing?
Golf, Kids, more Kids, I try to work out and stay in shape and of course social media.

11. Self-promotion is hard work, what types of promotion do you find most beneficial?
Hard work, I think is always the best promotion, a never quit don’t say die sort of attitude is usually good for me in all things I do. No doing things half way, make a decision and stick to it, even if you fail, it’s better knowing you gave it 100%.

12. Can you share a random thought, or a favorite quote with your readers?
My favorite quote that I use a lot, “if you don’t like the truth, then don’t make it the truth.” That’s one of mine.

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