LLEP Blog Partners

Every blog deserves a shout out for all their hard work, most of which bloggers do consistently with often little acknowledgement, on very little sleep after working a full-time job and for no pay. But they do it out of love. For the love of authors and their books and for you, their fans and readers. So we’d like to give a huge, kickass hey there, to some very awesome blogs who we partner with in different ways or simply love and respect.

Featured Blogs

Blogs featured because the owner or co-owner is also a member of the LLEP Blog Team. So much love to them for their hard work across multiple blogs, and for helping keep Love, Lust & Erotic Pleasures moving along.

She’s A Lip Biter 


She’s A Lip Biter on Facebook

She’s A Lip Biter Facebook Group

Twitter @shesalipbiter

Digital Dirty Girl Book Blog


DDG Book Blog on Facebook

DDG Book Blog Group on Facebook


Major Support Blogs

Blogs and their owners who have been a major support to LLEP since the beginning. We would be lost without them!


Kylie the Bookaholic

Bleeding Heart Blog

Boom Book Promotions

It’s a WIP ~ more blog, more details and banners to come….