Hard Core by Hope Conrad – Review



Built, tempting, and deadly.

Axel Jackson is an ex-marine, haunted by what he’s done, but when he sees her, he dreams of the man he can become…

When Axel returns home, he’s shrouded in darkness, unable to forget the blood that stains his hands or the screams that haunt his dreams. When a dark force from his past offers him a job, he wonders if taking it will be his salvation or his downfall.

Then he meets Alyssa, a waitress working at a strip club, and he steps in just in time to save her. She’s beautiful, with her dark hair and darker eyes, with a body made for sin. He has to protect her, but he can’t love her.

She’s too good for him. Too innocent, too pure.

He knows he should let her go so she can find a better man.

But all he wants is to claim her, body and soul.

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Hard Core is the third book in the Hard as Nails series and is a great addition. In this book we get to meet Axel, who is fresh out of the service. He comes home and reunites with his childhood friends. The happiness of his homecoming is short lived when the local crime lord, King, hits him up for a job on this first night home. However, King knows right where to hit, and asks Axel to check in on one of his strip clubs to make sure the women are not man handled. If there is one thing that Axel doesn’t stand for, it is the mistreatment of women. Knowing he can’t say no, Axel decides to see what the situation is at the club and to make sure that the women are treated right. He wasn’t expecting to find an Angel in the den of sin.

Alyssa is an aspiring actress who is making ends meet by waiting tables at a strip club. She is only doing this to earn enough money to pay the medical bills for her father’s cancer treatments. He hates her job, but understands that she wouldn’t get the money anywhere else. The only problem is the owner, King, has been paying her stripper wages and expects Alyssa to step up to become a stripper sooner rather than later. A hot and dangerous stranger saves Alyssa from two patrons of the club and things begin to heat up for Alyssa. She doesn’t want to be in it for the emotional connection, but Axel isn’t giving up the chase.

As with the prior Hard as Nails books, we are gifted with a hot and yummy alpha. Axel is a great character that is strong, sexy, protective, and dominant. Alyssa is a great character to compliment Axel. She is strong, sassy, caring, and very passionate. She doesn’t lay down and take it, she will put up a fight and speak her mind. I enjoyed the dialogue between the characters and the back and forth banter that they had was fun to read. Another good and sexy read by Hope Conrad.

Reviewed by Shannon
LLEP Review Team


This third book in the series continues the story of orphaned boys who became friends and remain friends in adulthood.
Axel is fresh out of the military and a little lost until he helps ‘King’ out and meets his Angel, Alyssa. Alyssa works as a waitress in a strip club to helping pay for her father’s cancer treatments even though she’s an aspiring actress.
When the hot, muscled Axel and beautiful Alyssa start to get to know each other they find they have more than a combustible chemistry.
This is actually a sweet story, fast paced and makes you feel great.

Reviewed by Robyn
LLEP Review Team



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