New Release & Review: Miss Hollywood by Marie Garner




Title: Miss Hollywood
Series: The Misses Trilogy #3
Author: Marie Garner
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 15, 2016
Martin has spent the last ten years in the spotlight, becoming
Hollywood’s It Girl. On the surface her life looks perfect, but in
reality she’s faltering. And the last person she expects to provide any
relief is her best friend’s brother, the man who’s been tying her in
knots for months.

Alexander Richards has paid the price for every single mistake he’s
made. He makes no excuses for what he’s done, and wants nothing more
than to find some peace. But that may be impossible since he has to help
the woman who’s been driving him crazy since he moved to California.

Thrown together in the middle of nowhere, there’s no way to deny the
attraction that burns within them. But how can they build a future if
they can’t address their own insecurities? And what happens when secrets
and lies from the past threaten to pull them apart?

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Miss Hollywood by Marie Garner is the 3rd in the Misses Trilogy. Claire has spent the last 10 yrs being America’s it girl and she is wanting more from her life. She is struggling and when she runs into her best friend’s brother she doesn’t know what to think and Alex is realizing that trying to deny the underlying current that happens when the two of them get together may not be worth ignoring. But when neither of them want to do the grown up thing (my opinion here) it causes more problems for them both. They both need to grow up and realize what is in front of them. Both of them drove me nuts at times, but I did end up enjoying them together.

This story was told in dual POV’s which I loved. I enjoy when I get to see what both characters are thinking and I sometimes think it adds more to the story, which here it did. At least for me.

Reviewed by Jennifer
LLEP Review Team


He leaned down, because surely she would put a stop to this. She didn’t.
Not when he’d been getting bolder and she’d been responding in kind. It
started with a look, and then a couple of random touches, but they had
been moving in this direction for the last couple months. They’d danced
around each other, and even though he’d never touch her, it didn’t mean
he couldn’t have a taste. Just one taste. Baiting. Testing. Reeling her
in like he used to hook bass in South Carolina. “When are you going to
get off your high horse and come mingle with this mortal?”
she puckered her lips before moving out of his grasp. “As much as I’d
love to, this princess has already kissed enough toads to last her two
lifetimes. Besides, you’re all about the chase and I’m not interested in
the game.” His mouth watered at the thought of actually giving chase
with Clare as his prize. He knew a little of the toads she was referring
to, but he was nothing like Jason. He may have done time, yes, but he
wasn’t an asshole. One bad decision at the end of a string of bad
decisions he vowed never to make again.

“You know, we aren’t all
like that douchebag. Most guys actually respect women. And when are you
going to give me a chance? You’ve been hinting at it for months.” Her
lips quirked at the mention of Jason being a douchebag but she moved
closer when he mentioned their flirtation. He hooked his fingers into
her belt loops, pulling her closer and rubbing his nose against hers.
She closed her eyes, inhaling deeply, before shaking her head and took a
step back.

She ran her finger down his chest. “I’m not painting
men with broad strokes. This is about me. Some girls can’t risk it all
for a guy. And we aren’t doing this. Much as you or I may want to.”

“Who said you needed to risk anything? No risk in a little fun.”


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Author Bio


Marie Garner is a North Carolina girl who grew up in piedmont and attended college in the mountains of Cullowhee, NC. She graduated with a degree in Social Studies education, and spent several years spreading her love of history and political science to young minds.

Her nose was stuck in a book since she was little, and she spent years writing down all the crazy ideas floating in her head. She has published the first two books in her trilogy, The Misses Trilogy, with Miss Hollywood slated for release in Fall 2016. Her writing explores the complexities of relationships, something she’s all too familiar with as part of a large, crazy family.

When she’s not locked in her writing cave she can be found cheering on the Washington Redskins or watching The Walking Dead, and thinks there’s nothing sweeter than a cold Diet Coke.

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