Review: Falling by Allyn Lesley


A good man falls seven times,
But I’m far from a good man.

I’ve got my own set of rules,
And I never stray from them.
I live by a simple set of guidelines and they’re easy to follow.

But when Chelsea Robinson walked into my garage,
The rules went out the door.
Suddenly, I was falling.
No, that’s not right.
It was more like a crash-landing,
Because I sure as hell couldn’t stop myself.
And now, I’m still falling,
For a woman I shouldn’t even want.
But when love steps in, you have no option but to break your own rules.

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Allyn Lesley delivered to us a really good read with Falling. We are gifted with the story of Dyllan and Chelsea. Dyllan had a very hard life until he was brought into the Sterling clan. He didn’t really know what family was until then. He had love from MeMaw, but he didn’t really have family. Because of that, he was jaded in his views on love and women. His brothers JC and EC didn’t really have that problem. Through his brother, JC, Dyllan meets Chelsea and his world changes. There is something about Chelsea that is different than every other woman. However, life, assumptions, and bad behavior may just keep these two obvious soul mates apart.

I really enjoyed this book. It tells a realistic story of longing, love, and relationship screw ups. Communication is the key people. You waste a lot of valuable time without it! The family dynamic in the Sterling household is something that a lot of real life people should strive to achieve. I loved every character in this book except Caren. Dyllan was such a broken, yet strong man. Chelsea gave us a vulnerable character that you couldn’t help but love. The epilogue wrapped up the book so well it made my heart swell. A really good read.

Reviewed by Shannon
LLEP Review Team

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