New Release & Review: Stay the Night by KT Webb

Title: Stay the Night: A Chicago Love Story Novella
Author: KT Webb
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 18, 2016
Available on Kindle Unlimited

Twenty-four-year-old CeCe is ready for law school, she just has to decide which one. A surprise opportunity at Harvard Law beckons, but a ghost from her past returns and forces her to reevaluate her priorities.

CeCe finds herself staying with Miles, her best friend’s older brother, and learning how to love again. She’s spent years building up her walls, and Miles tears them down in seconds.

If she decides to stay the night with him, she needs to be sure he will stay forever.

Stay the Night by KT Webb is the second novella in the A Chicago Love Story series. It can be read as a standalone though. This was a quick read for me, maybe 2 hours or so to finish it. It was a cute story about CeCe and Miles. CeCe was an orphan taken in by her best friends family. Miles is her best friends brother. CeCe is moving along to law school and is trying to decide which one to go to. What she wasn’t expecting was to be told Miles has had a crush on her for years and wants to try a relationship out with her. He wants a lot more, a lot faster than what she is willing to do. But CeCe needs to decide what is best for herself. She just can’t stop thinking about Miles and her possible future with him. What will she decide?
Reviewed by Jennifer
LLEP Review Team

KT Webb is a big city girl living in small town South Dakota. Although she was born in Michigan, most of her younger years were spent between the suburbs of Chicago. Moving to South Dakota was a big change, and she never would have guessed she’d fall in love and decide to stay. She has been married to her wonderful husband since 2006 and they have two beautiful children ages 7 and 4.

KT has been writing for as long as she can remember and always dreamed of becoming a published author. She loves to create stories that make readers look at things differently and question reality; which is probably why she tends to write paranormal or fantasy novels.

She is a firm believer in the power of redemption, second chances, and that magic surrounds us every day if we know where to look. KT is a goofy and fun-loving person and is often described as snarky, bold and brash.

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