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We are HOSTING a Party for the FAB Authors involved in the following books and would love it if you would come along.

Here are the details

#JoinTheReadingRevolution Party

#Multi-Genre #Multi-Author #Multi-Ending

When: November 1 @6pm EDT

Where: Wherever YOU ARE

Come and celebrate the newest reading revolution to hit your devices with some of the most inspiring authors you may ever get a chance to meet!

Event Line Up!
6 – 6.30pm Charlene Raddon
6.30 – 7pm Kathleen Kelly
7 – 7.30p Cherry Shephard
7.30 – 8p TBA
8 – 8.30p Kylie Price
8.30 – 9p Dzintra Sullivan
9 – 9.30p D’Ann Lindun
9.30 – 10p Margaret Tanner
10 – 10.30p Susan Horsnell
10.30 -11p  TBA
11 – 11.30p TBA
11.30 – 12p TBA

The Books



A new interactive book which allows readers to follow the pathway of their choice. Five books in one. Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical, Motorcycle and Western. The choice of pathway is yours. When young archaeology student, Mitchell, discovers some unusual items, while digging up a paddock, he believes it could be a major find. Following his instinct Mitchell risks his job and refuses to dig any further until Professor Phinneus Groves, the most respected archaeologist from the university, gives him the all clear. Will the find be significant? What tale do stones have to tell? YOU now sit at the crossroads, YOU are in control, YOU have five unique tales to follow. One Beginning. Five Endings. Five Authors. Five Genres. Five different explanations for the mysterious arrangement of stones. Which way will you go? Read one story, click the link and return to the beginning for another and another and another.

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What secret has been uncovered in a disused mine? Something is not as it should be. The scene is set, the beginning in place BUT there are five different endings.
The path is up to you.
The story unfolds in the way YOU decide.
Five Authors – Kylie Price, Margaret Tanner, Charlene Raddon,
Scarlett J. Rose and Susan Horsnell.
Five Genres – Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Time Travel or Contemporary/Western
Five Pathways.
Which path will you choose to uncover the secret?

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Are you ready for something different? D’Ann Lindun, Margaret Tanner, Allison Merritt, RaeAnne Hadley and Susan Horsnell present Five Roads From Beltane, a new concept in reading. One beginning, 5 different endings to choose from. Five books in one. Western Genre. Which path will you follow? Will it be: Hannah and Roan by D’Ann Jessica and Ethan’s story by Margaret Mr. Joseph Wade by Allison Jacqueline Hamilton and Billy Williams by RaeAnne or The Bank Robbers story by Susan? The choice is yours. Once you have followed one path, at the click of a button, you are taken back to the beginning to choose another. In total you have five entirely different stories, five different characters to complete the beginning. The stories vary in length from 20,000 words to 30,000 words. Five Roads From Beltane. “How does a Bank Robbery affect the people who were present?”

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Click Here to ENTER Party and Win  $20 Amazon Gift Card

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