Review: Where There’s Smoke Box Set by Lauren Cole



From the outside, Matt Sloan looks like an eligible bachelor. But while he’s handsome and successful, he’s also notoriously difficult to pin down, and used to getting what he wants… especially behind closed doors. When twenty-two year old Emily Fern walks into his life he finds himself fighting against his better judgement and wanting to build a life with her… if only she can tear down the walls he has built up around him. The road to Matt’s heart isn’t an easy one, but Emily is willing to give it a shot… and have a lot of hot, sweaty fun on the way.

This is the complete WHERE THERE’S SMOKE series. Four novellas in one.

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Where There’s Smoke Box Set is not your average HEA. Author Lauren Cole had me believing I was going to see the H Matt Sloan turn his ways around and fall head over heels in love with the h Emily Fern. But there is so much more than what you think is going to happen.
Without going into detail since it would give away the story, I will say this was a well written book that had all the feels you want in it, but there is so much more. I could see how Emily fell for Matt and I understood everything she wanted out of life. Matt had me believing in him, even through it all.
Give this book a chance…you will enjoy it.

Reviewed by Jennifer

LLEP Review Team


Where There’s Smoke Boxed Set is a compilation of four books in the series. It tells the story of Matt Sloan and Emily Fern.

Emily is looking for a job and with the help of her friend, Jess, she is whittling down the internship options. Coming across a specific company, Jess talks Emily into trying to intern for them. Little does she know, Jess has ulterior motives. Emily soon starts working for the hot, sexy, and mysterious Matt Sloan. Despite the taboo work relationship, Matt and Emily begin a whirlwind relationship of their own. But Emily’s friend Jess is very involved in the happenings of Matt and Emily. We soon learn that there is a history with Jess and Matt and Jess’ intentions may be nefarious. Emily falls hard for Matt, but soon learns that there are many obstacles. They can’t be seen in public, Matt receives mysterious phone calls and texts, he is accused of being a pathological liar. What is Emily to believe?

The Where There’s Smoke series had my head spinning. I didn’t know what to think in some parts of this book. I loved Emily’s character. A bit naive, but it just added to the charm of the character. Matt definitely came across as a hard and standoffish character. I could actually imagine his character doing the things that he did in the book. Jess was a great supporting character and added a great flair to the books. Matt and Emily were smokin’ hot in their scenes. Definitely a scorcher!
I loved the ending, but I have one unanswered question! Who was the man visiting Jess???????

The entire series is a great read.

Reviewed by Shannon

LLEP Review Team


About the Author

Lauren Cole lives in Nevada with her husband and son. She reads far too many books and drinks too much coffee.
Find her on Facebook at and sign up at to receive exclusive content, sneak peeks, promotions, book release info and more right to your inbox.

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