Blog Tour & Review: Maximum Rush by Misty Murphy

Title : Maximum Rush 
Author : Misti Murphy 
Genre: Romance 

Rush Hadley wants two months of my time in exchange for the only interview the magic man’s ever done. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. A make or break point in my journalism career. All I have to do is entertain the famous magician. 
A billionaire playboy who doesn’t understand the word no, he’s stubborn, one-track minded, and set on getting me into his bed. Men like him ruin girls like me with their dirty mouths and wicked tricks, but I’m not gullible enough to fall for his charms, even if his touch feels like magic. 
Maxi O’Keeffe is a sexy little challenge I intend to have my way with. She might have said no, might keep saying no, but I always get what I want. The quirky goody-two-shoes isn’t going to hold out forever. 
Uncomfortably awkward and downright weird, she shouldn’t be the only person who gets me. She shouldn’t be more than a way to pass time in this boring old town. So why does she get me higher than any audience screaming my name?



So I started the Tangled Desires Book at Book 4- Maximum Rush. Not a big deal, as you don’t need to read the three prior books to fully enjoy this book. It is a stand alone. But holy cow, it definitely makes me NEED to go back and start the series.

Max O’Keefe is a journalist for an Australian magazine. She is tasked with getting a quote from Rush Hadley, the Magic Man, who is the hottest magician known. He doesn’t do interviews, but will give you a quote. He is also a known to be a bit if a dog and will sleep with any woman that is willing. Well, Max isn’t willing. She is a professional and wants to do her job. When Rush realizes she isn’t going to fall at his feet, he doesn’t like that he isn’t getting what he wants. He always gets what he wants. But, he realizes that Max is different. So he offers her the opportunity of a life time. He will do his one interview, EVER in his life, if she comes back to the States with him and accompanies him to his families weddings over the next two months. That way he doesn’t have to worry about leading her on, and she can get her story. He also can try to get her let her walls down and let Rush in. What happens when Rush realizes that Max is more than he was looking for?

I really liked this book. Max and Rush are SO HOT! I loved how Rush kept denying his feelings when his whole family could clearly see. Max’s character was well written. Just the right mix of innocence and spitfire. The dynamic between the characters was great and it was fun to watch their story unfold on the pages. I also loved the Hadley family so much, I now have to go back and start at the beginning to find out their stories.

Reviewed by Shannon
LLEP Review Team
( Standalones in a series )



Misti Murphy is a sadistic b*tch who loves to emotionally torture fictional people. If she did that in real life she’d probably end up in prison or a psych ward so she prefers to create dirty talking alphas and the sexually frustrated women who fall into their beds. And if someone needs to be smacked upside the head before f*cking turns to love then that makes her very happy indeed. 
She’s a huge believer in flaws making us human, and that not everyone likes bacon. She’s also addicted to chocolate and scared of the effects of the coming shortage. She swears like a f*cking trooper, and thinks that graphic smuttiness should be as real in fiction as it is in real life. 
When she’s not writing she’s the perfect housewife and mother. Ha bloody ha! When she’s not writing she’s hiding in a cupboard with her kindle, scoffing chocolate, and stalking facebook.  

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