New Release & Review: All Or Nothing by Hazel Jacobs



Title: All or Nothing
Series: Black Lilith #2
Author: Hazel Jacobs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: September 29, 2016



Sersha Walsh is a gifted lyricist. She learned her craft on her mam’s knee back in Galway, Ireland. After years as a successful freelancer she’s ready to take on her first big client—Black Lilith—the rock band making waves around the world. But the band’s bass player and current lyricist, Tommy, is less than thrilled to hear that the production company has hired Sersha. He’s moody and distant, but there’s a haunted look in his eyes that has Sersha dithering between wanting to kill him or kiss him.

Living out of a suitcase in the heart of Manhattan may sound romantic, but it’s the sort of thing that can drain a girl, even one as bubbly as Sersha. Thankfully, Black Lilith’s manager, Mikayla, seems determined to make Sersha feel at home. All the while, Sersha and Tommy grow closer, weaving poetry into music and sharing flirtatious looks over his battered notebook.

Just when things seem to be looking up, a ghost from Tommy’s past surfaces, threatening to tear down the careful equilibrium that Black Lilith has built. Sersha will need to decide who to believe and who to trust when the time comes.



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I fell in love with Black Lilith when I read Logan and Mik’s story. Included in that love affair was my fondness for Tommy. He seemed so broken. I was so happy when I found out that the next book was going to be his story. All or Nothing gave us such a great ride where Tommy and Sersha is concerned.

Tommy writes almost all of Black Lilith’s songs. They are mostly based on his life or the life of his band mates. The record label wants to develop the sound of Black Lilith and has brought in a lyricist to work with Tommy. He is not happy about this at all, but he can’t help be attracted to the quirky Irish girl. Sersha has music in her blood and has been writing music for as long as she can remember. She jumps at the chance to work with Black Lilith. But it isn’t going to be easy. Tommy doesn’t seem to want to share. Sersha is going to have to find a way to break through to Tommy. She needs to make this job work with a man that she admires, but wants to punch at the same time. She hopes that she doesn’t lose herself in this job.

We learned quite a bit about why Tommy was so sad and depressed in the first book. In All or Nothing, we get to see a different side to Tommy. His character comes out of his shell, if you will. Sersha is a quirky character, but is a great addition to the group. She is perfect for Tommy. A Yin to his Yang. I loved how she didn’t give up no matter how many times Tommy tried to push her away. My heart broke for Tommy when that witch came back into the picture. We never got closure as to why she betrayed Tommy the way she did. Maybe we will learn more in future books. I also loved seeing all of the other characters in this book. Logan, Mik, Slate, and Dash. I cannot wait to read Slate and Dash’s stories.

Reviewed by Shannon
LLEP Review Team
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Hazel Jacobs is a passionate fan of romance novels and a crazy fan of rock and roll. Never trained as a writer, she began creative writing as a hobby. That quickly evolved into a mission to pen a novel that brings a new generation of readers into the wild realm of loud music and total passion.


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