New Release: Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy 4 by Raven Dark

Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy 4

by Raven Dark

Now available on Amazon! Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy Book 4 by Raven Dark!

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Darker. Hotter. Deadlier. Presenting Book 4 of the sizzling serial, Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy.

I am Kane Davros, and I am my father’s son. At least, that’s what I need the world to think. Vicious and unscrupulous, I do my father’s dirty work, but it’s part of my plan for the day I can claim his empire and take him down before he turns me into the mobster I refuse to become. When mysterious, sassy Anika returns my wallet, it puts her on my radar, not a place a good girl like her should be. Her mix of innocence and jaded fire quickly turn my desire into an obsession I can’t control. We said one night. No strings, no morning afters. But with a woman as perfect as Anika, one night is never enough.

When she refuses to give me more than one night, I discover a secret in Anika’s past that’s had her on the run her entire life. Her father’s substantial debt to a powerful mobster offers the perfect snare. I offer to pay his debt on one condition. Her body, and her sweet submission, must be mine for six months. Bargaining with me is getting in bed with the devil, but it’s either that or let the monsters that want her family dead destroy her. I guess it’s true what they say, no one deals with a Davros and comes out unscathed.

***Beware, this installment contains more violence and death than the previous three. There’s plenty of light kink, and a cliffhanger, but absolutely no cheating. The story is meant to be a serial of novellas, but at 58,000 words, this book is a full length novel.

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“Are you going to whip me again?” She nodded to my belt as I wound it around one fist. The action was meant as a warning against disobedience, but now that I could hear the hunger lacing her voice….

“Is that what you want, Anika?” I stalked closer, smirking, letting it take some of the threat out of the way I held the belt. “You want me to whip you before I fuck you?”

The ownership that oozed from my voice must have really got to her, because she squeezed her thighs together. I fought the urge to grab her, jerk them apart, and eat her to release.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, angel? For me to mark your sweet ass before I pound you into my bed.”

“Will you force yourself on me, Kane?” She walked slowly toward me, her voice as sexy as the fierce look in her eyes.

My brows climbed. I’d hang myself before I raped a woman, and I had a feeling she knew that on some level, or her eyes wouldn’t be swirls of hunger. She liked to imply I was some kind of evil brute, but she got off on the darkness in me, and tonight, I’d prove it once and for all.

“You’d like that would you?” I pushed her up against the hotel door and pinned her there. With one knee, I spread hers and rubbed against her sex, making sure my almost painfully hard cock glided between her folds. I could smell a hint of her desire, musky and needy. My cock pressed against my slacks and I rubbed harder.

Her eyes rolled back and she closed them, head back. “Kane. Fuck.”

“You’d like it if I tied you to my bed and spent the night making you scream. I bet you’d put up a nice fight.”

She bit her lip, so far from telling me to stop, I could practically hear her trying not to beg me to take her. I slid my hand under the folds of the long coat she wore, spreading it to expose her nakedness. She didn’t seem to be aware she’d spread her knees wider, angling herself toward me.

“How wet are you, Anika?” Slowly, I slid my hand around her hip over her ass, cupping it’s generous cheek hard.

“You didn’t answer me, Kane. Would you force me?”

The implication in her voice, the familiar taunt, riled me too much to be ignored. “Don’t push me, girl. You don’t want to see what I’m capable of.”

“Yes, I do. Show me how bad you are.”

I growled and spun her so she faced away from me, then shoved her chest to the door.

I rasped into her ear. “Trust me. I don’t need to force you, or any woman, into my bed.” I raked my nails up the back of her thigh, feeling her quiver with pleasure, and shoved the coat aside, baring her ass. “You want me to be a brute, I’ll play the bad man for you, but you’ll always want what I give you.”


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