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Guided Love


Title: Guided Love
Series: The Prick Series #1
Author: Tracie Redmond
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Sam Jacobs has been best friends with Camaron Willis since the second grade. Ever since the day they met her heart belonged to him.
Now graduating from college Sam moves across the country to start their life together. They have been planning this for years, she will help him with his tattoo business while writing her first novel. Together, they will make their dreams come true.
Life and people change, Sam finds herself discovering that the one you thought you always wanted may not be the one you need.
Sometimes life guides you to places you always should have been.
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Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is Tracie Redmond’s debut novel and it was an absolutely incredible and emotional story. When reading the synopsis if you thought this was your typical childhood best friends love story than you would be wrong. This book is filled with tension and angst and will have you at the edge of your seat the whole way through. Samantha and Camaron have been the best of friends and inseparable since she was in the second grade. Ever since that day, her heart has belonged to him. Whenever she thinks about her dreams and future, they always include Camaron by her side. The plan was for him to become an artist and her an author. After Sam graduates from college, she moves across the country to start her life with Cam. Cam owns his own tattoo shop with his business partner Axel and Sam will be their bookkeeper. Once settled into her new life with Cam, all is not exactly how she pictured it to be. Sometimes life and people change and you find that what you always loved and dreamed about isn’t exactly what you need. This book was an amazing read and I definitely recommend it. I cannot wait for the next book in the Prick series!

~ Reviewed by Ashley

LLEP Review Team Member

Weathered Love
Title: Weathered Love
Series: The Price Series #2
Author: Tracie Redmond
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Life doesn’t come with a weather forecast. There isn’t a report to tell you when a storm is coming. When the dark clouds roll in, you are lost to the depths of your own making.
Camaron Willis only had one person he could count on. One person who could always lift him up. After almost destroying their friendship he has to sit back and watch her marry someone else.
His world is consumed with darkness as the storm clouds wage on in his life. The only escape he can find is at the bottom of a bottle. He works, he drinks, and he sleeps with any woman who is willing to spread her legs. He doesn’t even realize the darkness has consumed him, until he finally catches a break in the clouds and finds a glimpse of light shining through.
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This is the author’s second book and I highly recommend reading book 1 Guided Love to get more background on some of the situations and characters that you will be reading about. I was leery to read this book at first because of how much I ended up disliking Camaron in Guided Love but he really surprised me. The author does a great job of making us fall in love with Camaron and feel for everything that he has gone through and made him the way he is. Camaron is not an easy character to love but he will definitely catch your heart in his book. Tracie Redmond once again takes her readers on an emotional journey full of surprises and angst.

Camaron is one of those characters that everyone loves to hate but he redeems himself in my eyes. He grew up with his parents always reminding him that he is worthless and will never amount to anything. After losing his best friend Sam, he goes down a path of self-destruction until he meets Jessica. She is unlike anyone that he has ever known and she makes him want to be a better person. He is smitten and protective of her, treating her differently than any other girl he has been with which is something completely new to him. While all these new feelings are coursing through him, he doesn’t think he can be the man that Jessica deserves and needs him to be.

Jessica is very different from every other character in this series. She comes from a small highly religious community and has led a very sheltered life. She has experienced a great loss and is just trying to start fresh in life and experience new things. She has never experienced the kind of passion and butterflies that Camaron ignites in her and she just wants to see where this all leads. Will she be his game changer?

There are a lot of obstacles in Camaron’s way of redeeming himself and finding love but he doesn’t have to weather it by himself. The whole Prick family is along for the ride and to help him and be there for him. I loved how Sam and Axel played huge parts in this book as well since I didn’t want their story to ever end. I really felt for Paul and Carrie. They made me want to cry but also yell at them to get their acts together and just be together already! I can’t wait for their book to come out! I really felt bad for Paul and how he kept telling everyone his situation wasn’t what it seemed but nobody would listen to him and I really hope he gets to redeem himself!

While I loved this book, there were a few drawbacks to my reading experience. The biggest one was that it was very long, 105 chapters to be exact! And at times the storyline seemed to drag on and be really repetitive. There were parts where the author would tell events in both main characters point of views and while that can add depth to the story I admit that it was skim worthy at times. Second, the expletives were very abundant throughout my reading. The term prick and other such words grew very old after awhile and was quite monotonous.

That being said I love the Prick series and can’t wait for the next one! The series is emotional and angsty with characters that you can’t help but to fall in love with and become addicted to and I highly recommend the reading. I can’t wait to see where the Prick family’s story leads us next.

Reviewed by Ashley

LLEP Review Team

About the Author
I was born and raised in Northeastern, Pennsylvania where I still live today with my husband and three beautiful children. Like everyone, I have had my ups and downs and have seen my life take a complete change. Previously, I was a working mom putting in 60 hours a week as a Financial Advisor but with the sudden loss of my mom who was my best friend I found myself giving up the suits and meetings for jeans and snack time. I have always had the passion for reading and found an escape through the words of all the talented authors I have read. My passion allowed me the opportunity to blog and to get a wonderful insight into the indie world. I have enormous pride and stay true to the characters and their stories as they reveal themselves to me. I am so excited to have this opportunity to share my stories and hope you love them as much as I do.
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