New Release & Review: Mafia Ties Box Set: Nic & Anna by Fiona Davenport

Mafia Ties
Box Set:
Nic & Anna
Fiona Davenport
Genre: Contemporary
Erotic Romance

on Kindle Unlimited
A smokin’ hot dad falls for the innocent nanny… and he’s a Mafia boss.
Deception: Nic DeLuca is used to taking what he wants. Born to lead
a powerful mafia family, he’s not in the habit of asking for permission
or forgiveness. He’s willing to cross any boundary when it
comes to possessing what he considers to be his, and from the moment he laid
eyes on Anna Martin, he knew she was meant for him.
Nic is quick to move the innocent nanny into his home…
and his bed. But, he hides his dark side from Anna. The deception is necessary
to ensure she falls for him before she realizes exactly who he is.
Danger: Anna Martin was looking for a nanny position, but she
found more than she bargained for when she fell for single dad Nic DeLuca. When
she finds out he’s a mafia boss, her head tells her to run but her heart tells
her to stay. With his baby girl in the hospital, Anna stands by her man in his
time of need. But when danger swirls around them, will they manage to find
happiness together?
Devotion: It didn’t take long for Nic DeLuca and Anna Martin to
fall in love. The mafia boss and innocent nanny may seem like an odd match, but
their devotion to each other is absolute.

When Anna is taken
by a rival family, Nic will go to any lengths to rescue her
and ensure nobody
touches what’s his ever again.


Anna Martin is losing hope with being placed in a home as a nanny. It’s not until the job agency gives her the opportunity at Mr Niccolo Deluca’s home that her life is thrust into a whirlwind romance of sorts and more.
He’s a single father, with a daughter named Sophia, and she is his world.
From the moment Nic opens the door, he knows what he wants, and it’s his ‘Gianna’ who will be his to keep.
Unknown to Anna, this Mafia boss will go to any length to make her his wife, the mother of his daughter, and the mother to his children.
But the threats in his life interfere with his happiness all too soon, and Anna finds herself in a predicament that Nic is hell bent on fixing.
With the love of Nic and his daughter Sophia, Gianna has no doubt that this is the life that she wants. Even if it means accepting Nic’s world and knowing the dangers that it holds.

This book captured me from the start. Very hot scenes make for a fast paced romance that is definitely a rush for the reader. I loved it. The chemistry between the two main characters had me loving them both. The whole cast of characters
are a great edition to this story. Although sporadic throughout the story, you still got the sense of what their role is for the story.

Reviewed by Rebecca
LLEP Review Team
I’d been kissed before.
Or at least I thought I had, right up until the moment Nic DeLuca’s mouth
claimed mine. There was none of the usual awkwardness of a first kiss. No
chance for me to wonder how I should hold my head, if I tasted like the
strawberry lip balm I’d put on earlier, or if I should part my lips. As soon as
his lush lips met mine, I gasped in surprise and he took control. Head slanted
to the right, his tongue swept inside to tangle with mine. His fingers dug into
my waist, tugging me flush against his body and proving exactly how much he was
enjoying our kiss when I felt his hard length hot against my stomach. By the
time he pulled away to nibble on my lips, I could barely see straight, let
alone stand by myself without him keeping me upright. The pecks I’d received
had been from boys, but Nic DeLuca was no boy—he was all man.
Once I’d steadied
myself, one of his hands slid from my waist down to the hem of my skirt. I
shivered when he slid it up my thigh, the heat from his palm searing my skin.
“Given more time, I could come to appreciate your choice of skirt, but my
daughter is waiting for us in the kitchen.”
His daughter, who I’d
come to meet and promptly forgotten about when he’d gotten his lips on me.
His deep chuckle made me
aware I’d said that aloud and not just in my head. I felt the heat of a blush
climb up my neck to my face. He swiped his thumb across my cheekbone as he
stared down at me. “Such innocence,” he sighed. “It’s almost a shame you found
your way to my door.”
Damn, the girl was fast.
But Nic was just as quick, because I found myself lifted off my feet, carried
into the house, and placed onto the couch in the living room, in what felt like
the blink of an eye.
He sat down next to me,
leaning over, his face close to mine. “We need to talk.” I pushed
against his chest, trying to get out from under him, my mind a jumbled mess
after everything I’d just heard. What I’d just learned about him. My Nic was a
mobster. It was almost impossible to believe. He was into bad stuff, illegal
stuff. Things about which I had zero clue because he’d kept me in the dark.
“We’ll talk,”
he promised, his hand sliding under my robe and up my inner thigh. “After.”
“After?” I
stuttered, my breath hitching when he sank two fingers inside me.
“After you come on
my hand, in my mouth, and on my cock.”
I pushed against his
chest again, even as my legs widened slightly, giving him better access to my
body. “I’m angry with you, Nic. And hurt. And a little scared.”
He stilled over me,
staring down at me with pain filled eyes. “I will never hurt you, mia
dolce. Never.”
It was a heartfelt vow,
and I believed him. It might make me the most naïve person on the planet, but I
knew deep in my bones that Nic didn’t mean me any harm.
“I know,” I
whispered softly, one hand sliding up his chest to cup his cheek. “But I’m
still unbelievably angry with you.”
“Then take your
anger out on my body, Gianna, and let me show you exactly how sorry I am.”
Completely sated, I sagged against him, my arms wrapped
around his shoulders.
“I needed that,” I sighed against his neck.
“I did too,” he murmured. “So damn much.”
It eased some of my feminine pique, hearing him admit he’d
been denying himself as much as he’d denied me. Oddly enough, it had never
crossed my mind that he didn’t want me. But, it hadn’t stopped me from being a
little hurt when he kept resisting my advances.
“Then maybe we should go again.”
I felt his chest shake with laughter before I heard it. “My
girl is greedy.”
I tilted my head and looked up at him, giving him my best
pout. “Only because you denied me for so long.”
His thumb swept across my bottom lip. “It was for your own
damn good, and you know it.”
“I know why you did it,” I whispered. “But now that I’ve
proven I’m more than capable of taking what you can dish out, don’t you think
I’ve earned more of it?”
“Mannaggia,” he hissed. “I don’t have it in me to deny
either one of us any longer.”
“Good,” I said, flashing him a smug grin.
His hands tightened on my waist, and he lifted me off his
lap, rising to his feet. He carried me to the couch, gently laying me down, and
following until he hovered over me. “You might have been the one to start this,
but don’t for one second forget which one of us is in charge here.”
My breath caught in my
chest at the hint of command in his tone. “You’re the boss.”


Hello! My name is Fiona Davenport and I’m a smutoholic. I’ve been reading raunchy romance novels since… well, forever and a day ago it seems. And now I get to write
sexy stories and share them with others who are like me and enjoy their books
on the steamier side. Fiona Davenport is my super-secret alias, which is kind
of awesome since I’ve always wanted one.


Comments Welcome!

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