Review: Hot for Heather by Caitlyn Lynch


Heather is a quiet classical pianist lacking in a social (or sex) life. One day, she’s utterly shocked to find out that the hot delivery guy she accidentally flashed in the hallway is actually her brand new neighbour, Mike, a soldier recently back from deployment. And Mike’s very interested in getting to know the gorgeous girl next door who makes such beautiful music. He’s especially interested in getting know her on top of that piano. And on the piano stool. And anywhere else in her apartment she’s willing to let him…


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Hot for Heather is a quick erotic read about Heather, a pianist who has lost her passion for playing. Struggling to find her inner spark, she takes a break and meets her new neighbor, Mike. He is the grandson to her deaf landlord. Just getting back home for serving in the military overseas, Mike is like a human tank, tall, buff, and sexy. Heather can’t help herself from being attracted to Mike and just the thought of him gives her the spark she needs to re-ignite the passion to play. Mike takes in Heather and thinks she is a vision. He needs to get to know her more and wants to devour her. Luckily for him, Heather is open for a bit of fun.

Hot for Heather is just that…… HOT. This book may be on the shorter side, but is is packed full of some hot and sexy scenes. Heather and Mike sizzle right from the beginning. Their characters feel natural as well as their chemistry. I really enjoyed this book.

Reviewed by Shannon

LLEP Review Team


Hot for Heather is a very quick, sexy read. If you want sex, this is the book for you.

What better way for pianist Heather to meet her new neighbor than to flash him in the hallway, not realizing who he is. When the two meet up later in the evening, the heat is ON and oh boy, I will never look at a piano the same way. Hot sex for the two of them and it is off the charts.

Reviewed by Jennifer

LLEP Review Team

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Caitlyn Lynch is an Australian mother of two who has always enjoyed reading and writing romantic fiction. Happily married to her very own tall, dark and handsome for 14 years and counting, she draws on a rich imagination to create new scenarios for her erotic romances.

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