New Release: Shocked & Shattered by Aleya Michelle

•° ITS LIVE °•

Shocked & Shattered

by Aleya Michelle

(Novella was originally released in the F*ck Cancer Anthology)


Crystal Edgeworth thought she had it all…
A rich successful husband, modelling for the largest agency in the state, and of course her glamorous looks and body.

These materialistic items will no longer mean a thing when she is thrown a shocking and heartbreaking twist of fate.

When her life is turned upside down and she takes on the fight of her life, who will stick around to see her through?
When tragedy strikes, you find out who you true friends are…
In sickness and in health were the vows, but sometimes it’s all a lie, sometimes the strong turn weak and the weak turn strong.
Can Crystal find strength within to fight and survive?

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