Review: Sense of Sin by S@yr


Beth Summers is a virgin. Starting her Masters degree in a new college, Beth is friendly, open, and, underneath everything, as bad a girl as there ever was. Bored of her small town past, Beth is eager to learn, but just as desperate to experience the wild side of college. All she needs is a strong, wild man for her to tame.

Adam Gold is hungry. Hungry for money, trouble, and a chance to make a name for himself as an artist. He’s also starved for a challenge in his love life. Bored of co-eds and the controversy stirred up by his artwork, Adam is after the sort of girl who can bring a tough guy like him to his knees.

Beth needs a tutor for art history, and Adam needs the good publicity, given the outcry over his explicit art. Soon, the two start to organize some very alternative study sessions. Will the artist be able to show her the ropes, or will Miss Not-So-Innocent tie him down once and for all?




Sense of Sin is my first book by S@yr. Honestly, it was a bit tough to settle into. The book is about Beth coming into her own at graduate school and re-inventing herself. She wants to be in control, not only of herself, but of her sexual partner, but she is still a bit unsure of herself. The book flips back and forth between Beth and Adam’s point of view. Adam is an achieved artist at the college. He pushes the boundaries and is on the verge of expulsion. Beth is seeking a tutor and Adam applies for the job. They have an immediate attraction and Beth asserts her sexual dominance over Adam.

The hard part for me to get from the story was the back and forth in the chapters. One chapter we were back when Beth was in high school and the next chapter we were back to present date. There was no transition, buffer, or heading on the chapter to give you a heads up. Also, the timelines in some of the chapter’s didn’t match up. (i.e. Beth’s virginity being lost earlier on in the book, but then talking about a sex scene towards the end of the book and referring to her virginity and innocence). I feel as if some of the scenes were in for more of shock and awe, as they didn’t flow with the timeline or storyline.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gritty erotic book, but I think that Sense of Sin fell a little short in some areas. The romantic gestures Adam made toward Beth were a nice touch. The friendship Beth had with her neighbor added a good flare to the book. However, it wasn’t enough for me to feel as if there was more substance that needed to be included.

Reviewed by Shannon

LLEP Review Team

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