Review: Dangerous Abduction (O’Connor Brothers Book 2) by Rhonda Brewer


Widower James O’Connor has been fighting his growing attraction to his brother’s sister-in-law for four long years, but when someone breaks into her home, destroying everything she owns, James takes her and her young son into his home. The break-in wasn’t random. Marina and her son are in danger and James swears to protect them, but can he keep them safe?

Marina Kelly dedicates her life to caring for her sweet little boy, Danny. Since she broke free from her abusive husband, she’s sworn off men but when James O’Connor keeps entering her thoughts and her dreams, it takes everything she has to keep her feelings hidden. Now, her sister and parents are out of the province, and she’s in danger, Marina has no choice but to accept James’s help and try to hide her attraction and growing feelings.

The attraction between them impossible to resist. Only her ex’s family secret may tear it all apart. Can Marina and James unravel the family’s hidden mystery without losing each other?


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This is Book 2 in the O’Connor Brothers Series and the second book by Rhonda Brewer. I did not read book 1 and although there were quite a few characters, I did not have difficulty with meeting them in this story. I did not feel lost as I sometimes do when reading books out of order.

This book is the story of Marina Kelly and James O’Connor, both are single parents and have been attracted to each other, but they individually felt it was not the time to pursue more. They first meet since Marina’s sister is married to James’ twin brother and since she is a single mother the whole O’Connor clan has taken her into the family. Now her ex is back to get something from her, but no one knows what.

I really liked the premise of the story and the plot was pretty good. There were some really good twists that I didn’t see coming. Like the box….what secrets are in the box? I did not find Marina to make the best decisions and jeez the way she kept forgetting to charge her phone! Seriously, who does that? Unfortunately, there were some very slow parts in the story. I found myself skimming whole sections to get to something with more meat in it. I don’t mind slow burn storylines, but this one seemed to have too much fluff. Then there was the box….that part went way to fast. I could barely keep up and had to go back and re-read to try to piece together the puzzle. Overall I did enjoy the story.

3.5 Stars

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Sharon

LLEP Review Team

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