Blog Tour & Review: Playing Royal by Misti Murphy

Title : Playing Royal 
Author Misti Murphy 
Genre : Romance 
If the glass slipper fits…
It’s hard to remember that love is a fairy tale when he comes to my bar.
He’s a complete stranger, an escort, an actor.
Now I’m playing his princess.
I don’t love the pretense, but the glimpses of the real man, those I crave.
Until the clock strikes midnight and this Cinderella finds out what the real stakes are.
An escort? That might be who I pretend to be. In reality? A crown prince.
I’ve been running from who I am for so long that I ran into a problem.
A pretty, dark haired, hazel-eyed, problem.
A girl who is all wrong for the life I’m supposed to lead.
The bigger problem? I like who I am when I’m with her.
Not the escort.
Not the prince.
The real me.
But it can’t last, not when my real life is catching up with me.
Can it?
Standalone within a Series 

A hero to rival any book boyfriend. A game that turns fantasy into reality. 

His name is Scorch, and he’s my fantasy come to life. I should have known finding a real life hero was too good to be true. But after he rescued me from my captor I couldn’t see him any other way.

Then he tells me he works for The Vice Agency, a company that simulates fantasy into reality. And that everything I know about the last twenty-four hours is a lie.

Except for the men chasing us.

Someone wants me dead, and Scorch is the only thing keeping me alive, but he doesn’t want to be anyone’s hero. He’s a damaged husk of a man.

I swear, if we survive this, I’m going to find a way to prove to him he’s not only a true hero, but he might be more than just the man of my fantasies.

I absolutely LOVED Playing Royal by Misti Murphy. I will admit, the first chapter of book had me scratching my head, but once I got my claws into this gem, I was swept away.

Kaiser is an employee of VICE, an fantasy escort service. He is a hot commodity with VICE and gets a lot of requests, but Kaiser is not satisfied with his life. He has rules that he follows, which includes leaving no DNA behind. This is because Kaiser is hiding a very big secret about his identity. To unwind after his “clients” Kaiser drinks some whiskey in the hotel bar, where the bartender, Allie, catches his eye. Allie makes Kaiser want to break all of his rules. A chivalrous act leaves Kaiser coming to Allie’s rescue, but leaving his property in her possession. The only way to return the items is to become a “client” with VICE. How will Kaiser handle Allie as a client? How will Allie handle finding out Kaiser’s true identity?

Playing Royal tells the story of Kaiser so well. I felt his pain come through the pages and grab hold. I could sympathize with his character in his need to disappear and become a “ghost”. The author’s description of this character along with his background and details of what he did to dull his pain really added to the overall character picture. Allie was a great character as well. She initially came across as quiet and demure, but we later learn that she has quite a bit of fire. Her sassy attitude in some of the scenes was quite refreshing. The whole story had a great flow from beginning to end and I could not put it down until the last page.

Playing Royal is a great riches to rags to riches book!

Reviewed by Shannon
LLEP Review Team
Misti Murphy is a sadistic b*tch who loves to emotionally torture fictional people. If she did that in real life she’d probably end up in prison or a psych ward so she prefers to create dirty talking alphas and the sexually frustrated women who fall into their beds. And if someone needs to be smacked upside the head before f*cking turns to love then that makes her very happy indeed. 
She’s a huge believer in flaws making us human, and that not everyone likes bacon. She’s also addicted to chocolate and scared of the effects of the coming shortage. She swears like a f*cking trooper, and thinks that graphic smuttiness should be as real in fiction as it is in real life. 
When she’s not writing she’s the perfect housewife and mother. Ha bloody ha! When she’s not writing she’s hiding in a cupboard with her kindle, scoffing chocolate, and stalking facebook.  

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