New Release: Boston by Alexis Alvarez




Title: Boston
Author: Alexis Alvarez
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: August 16, 2016


Parker Minelli, a fitness trainer and cover model, is every woman’s dream. His Boston accent, chiseled abs and easy-going nature have women flocking to him. But when he meets author Abby, whose brains are bigger than his biceps, he sets out to prove that he’s more than just a pretty face.Abby is thrilled—and a little breathless—when Parker agrees to work with her on her next book release. However, they soon discover that while opposites may attract, that doesn’t mean that they can overcome their differences. Especially when Parker’s supermodel ex-girlfriend reappears.

Will they be able to see the big picture and accept each other as they are, or will their differences close the book on their chance at love?


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Boy. oh boy. I loved this story. Not only is Parker Minelli a hot guy, but he’s intelligent too.
He’s a fitness trainer and a model, as well a photographer. And he’s got his head screwed on.
But every person has their flaws and insecurities. Not everything happiness in life started out that way.
Abby is an author. She’s come up with a brilliant idea for her next book and poses an opportunity
to Parker aka Boston that he can’t refuse. He gets his ex-girlfriend, along with his friend/business partner to join
in on this venture as well.
Their steamy interludes and smart mouths set off a chain of ‘who can out-do the other’ at sexual innuendos.
Not only is this a great read but their scenes will get you a little hot under the collar.
Add in the other characters in this story and you find yourself wondering if these two will make what they have work. While also seeing themselves in a different light.

This is a wonderful read. I really enjoyed the humour that was thrown in. The story was great and had me sinking my nose into this book.
I would recommend it to anyone that loves a sassy, fun-filled tale. Great work.

Reviewed by Rebecca
LLEP Review Team
Author Bio
Alexis Alvarez writer erotic fiction. Her books feature strong, intelligent sassy heroines who may enjoy being submissive in the bedroom, but are never doormats or pushovers.You can find more about her work on her website, where she and her two real-life sisters – who are also romance writers – blog about their books.

In addition to being a romance author, Alexis is also a photographer and digital designer. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and making really inappropriate jokes.

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