New Release & Review: White by T.L. Smith

Title: White
Series: Black #3
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: Romance
Release Date: July 11, 2016

Everything changes, in seconds, minutes, hours. 
I know, it happened to me.
It wasn’t for the better, it was for the worst.
I am broken, no that doesn’t sound right, I am chipped. Pieces of me have been chipped so bad that it’s impossible to claim them back. Even if I want to, even if its for her.


Wow!!! Just Wow!! And Now The Story Is Complete And Now Its Told Where Do We Go. Now That The Dark Worlds Of Jake And Black Are Complete. I Want To Say A Huge Bravo To TL Smith For The Awesome And Complete Story That I Have Honestly Loved From Start To Finish.

The Emotions Running Through Me As I Write This Review For White Is Quite Haunting Really And I Feel I Could Break And Not Stop For A While. I Loved This Book From The Beginning And I Loved The Last Part More Than Anything Else And That Is What Has Made My Emotions Rocket. (Enough Of That, Hold The Tears)

This Story Is Dark, Beautiful, Broken And Completely And Honestly Fucked Up And I Love It All. Jake, Although Seemed Dark And Broken I Didn’t Expect Him To Be As Much As He Was. He Is Definitely On Par With Black In That Respect. You Have Lots Of Insight Into His Reasons And Also Into His Wrong Doings Too.

But Then She Rocked His World And We All Thought He Loved Rose, Well With Addy In The Picture, I Can Say My God He Wasn’t Even Close To Loving Anyone But Her. Addy Was An Amazing Character And Fuck Did She Have Balls, Huge Balls I’d Say And She Was A Breath Of Fresh Air In That Dark World, Although She Lived Her Own Dark Path She, Managed To Show Jake The Light, The Right Path And Even Home.

He Was The Kink To Her Vanilla.
Dark To Her Light, But More Than That He Was Her Soul, Her Heart, Her Love. My God What A Beautifully Broken Love Story, Yes You Heard Me LOVE STORY. And If I Had A Chance On It. I Would Take A Love Like Jake’s.

This Is Honestly Hands Down One Of My Favourites Series I Have Read For Some Time And I Will Miss The Twisted And Colourful Life And Journey I Have Been On With Liam Black, Jake And Friends. A Must Read In My Honest Opinion

Reviewed by Donna
LLEP Review Team

“Black is my favorite so far from TL! I was addicted right from the start, definitely worth taking a chance on Black, its gut wrenching beautiful!!” ~Author Lila Rose, USA best seller

“Red is fast paced, raw, gritty and at times shocking ! With each revelation I gasped , it’s a must read page turner that left me begging for more” ~Our Kindle Confessions

“Once again T.L. has created a world and characters that is unique and unlike any others.” ~United Indie Book Blog


T.L Smith Lover of chocolate, books, but mostly words. 


T.L Smith loves to travel, loves to shop for books, sometimes shoes ;-)

Don’t be shy about contacting T.L Smith, she doesn’t bite, hard!


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