Review: Dark Desires (A Billionaire Ménage Erotic Romance) by Samantha Powers



Dark Desires by Samantha Powers

An Erotic Romance

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The perks of being a financial officer for a high-powered real estate investment firm included a decent wage, crunching numbers (if your kink runs that way), and two hot bosses that Raven Denee has fantasized about spit-roasting her, while giving her orgasm after orgasm.

Powerful, wealthy, and oh so aware of their very sexy financial officer, Alex Hamilton and Romyn Davidov have had their eye on Raven since they hired her. Only now, their hearts finally free of other encumbrances, do they seize the chance to approach her.

An impromptu date at a goth club leads to all three opening their hearts…but can Raven, with her shattered past, willingly give her battered heart to two billionaires, who only want to give her their hearts in return?



Dark Desires: A Billionaire Menage Erotic Romance was a wonderfully written short story with whole lot of story packed into it. I will definitely be following Ms. Powers in the future.

Raven Denee works for the Davidov & Hamilton Company and she has never been popular with the female staff of the company. Rumors are hard to escape from, no matter the truth behind them or how well she does her job. She’s enduring the company party, almost ready to leave when she bumps into Mr. Davidov, and the night takes a turn for the better, or does it!?

When Davidov says he’ll be meeting Mr. Hamilton and she should join them, she needs to make a decision and there are repercussions for both decisions. Come and see what she decides. Come and see what Ms. Powers has written for us to endure. You definitely will be surprised and WOW!

Reviewed by Tara

LLEP Review Team

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About the Author


Samantha Powers is the pen name of a writer from Texas, originally interested in romance, but who got sucked into menage. Are the stories based on reality or just made up? You will have to ask her. Under various other names, Samantha has edited technical documents, ghost written, had work span multiple genres in romance, and now has settled on pushing boundaries in romance–starting with menage.

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