New Release: Road to Victory by Piper Davenport

Dogs of Fire Book #5
18+ for language and sexual situations. 

Kimberly Church has led a privileged, but tortured life. In an effort to beat back her demons, she breaks away from her villainous family and creates a stable and safe life for herself, shutting all but her best friend out. 

Aidan “Knight” Quinn is a well-respected and deeply rooted soldier in the Dogs of Fire Motorcycle Club. His dedication to helping animals leads him to a career as a veterinarian, but meeting the gorgeous and wholly unattainable friend of one of his brothers, threatens to distract him from his current path. Not realizing the dangers that truly lie ahead, he pursues her with an intense passion that surprises even him. 

When Kim’s deep dark secret comes back to haunt her, will she trust Knight enough to let him save her? 

Will Knight be able to beat back the biggest demon of all in order to save Kim’s sanity, but most importantly, her life?





Designation: Book 5 in the Dogs of Fire MC – can be read as a stand-alone

Piper Davenport is a new author for me and although this is book 5 in the Dogs of Fire MC I did not have a problem reading it as a stand-alone. There were a lot of club members disused and I’m sure their stories are told in the earlier books, but I did not feel lost starting with book 5.

Kimberly Church has lived a privileged but tortured life. She still sees a therapist weekly to work through her demons. Her best friend, Danielle is dating Austin “Booker” Carver, who is an officer in the MC. Logan “Mack” Reed takes an over-protective big brother role and tries to keep Kim out of trouble.

Aiden “Knight” Quinn is a member of the Dogs of Fire MC and is studying to be a veterinarian. He sees Kim early on and although he wants her the MC code indicates he cannot go for another brother’s woman. Also, Aiden is not just a MC club member and horse lover, he has his own secrets.

It is a few years before they finally get together due to a few misunderstandings and although he is head-over-heals for her, she is gun-shy from her past situation. When her past comes back to threaten her, Knight and his brothers are there to protect her, but will she let him in all the way.

I really enjoyed the story; although it wasn’t your typical MC. There was actually a stronger focus on Aiden and Kim’s love of horses. There was definitely a connection between the characters and I loved each and every one of them. She was spunky and he played along. Loved the sassy side of her.

“Mack has no say over anything regarding my life.” – Kim
“It’s cute that you think that.” “Club rules, babe.”- Aiden
“You know, your rules are kind of stupid.” – Kim

I actually got so caught up in the story that I stayed up till 2 am reading! It flowed really well and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Kim to admit she had real feelings for Aiden. I am anxious to read the rest of the Dogs of Fire MC series.

Reviewed by Sharon

LLEP Review Team






Piper Davenport writes from a place of passion and intrigue. Combining elements of romance and suspense with strong modern day heroes and heroines.
She currently resides in pseudonymia under the dutiful watch of the Writers Protection Agency.


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