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Second Chance Romance
The last couple of months has been nothing but survival.


If you were to pull out Webster and find the definition, I’m spot on.

Remaining alive.

Sustaining myself.

Pulling through.

Getting through.

Holding on.

Making it.

Keeping body and soul together.

Oh well, maybe not that last part, as I lost my soul exactly at the same time when she left me when I let her go.

So, yeah I’m soulless, an empty corpse walking around, drinking whatever is offered to drink and fucking whatever is around to fuck.

I know what you will say, and trust me, I know what you are thinking right now. What a piece of shit, soft hearted, worthless motherfucker I am. And you are totally right, I’m not even going to argue with you on that subject. I’m nothing.

Nothing without her.

I’m totally aware that everything I did since New Years Eve is a calculated path of destruction.

The destruction that is impossible to escape.

The destruction that I DON’T want to escape.

The destruction that is something I devour, something I seek, something that gives me a peace of my fucked up mind.

Yes, I’m that deep into that shit.


Is a bitch.

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WOW! Revival is……. just Wow! This book got me and held on until I finished at 1:30 a.m. Who needed sleep? Not me apparently. I had no power over myself and blocked out the whole world until I was done with this book. Yes, I enjoyed it that much.

Dylan is drowning in guilt and regret after losing the love of his life. A very large and dark secret came between them and caused devastating results. Wallowing in his despair, Dylan travels to New Orleans to drown in his sorrows. Visiting his old haunts, he comes across Nina, an old acquaintance from 6 years prior. They don’t recognize each other at first, as a lot has changed. Once Nina realizes that this broken man is her Dylan, the one man that she loves and hates at the same time, she has conflicted emotions. She has a very deep secret. One she has been keeping for almost 6 years. As much as she wants to hate Dylan for leaving her after their one night together and never contacting her again, she his still drawn to him. Nina could be Dylan’s answer to getting over his grief. Nina isn’t willing to risk it all for a man she doesn’t trust, especially when there is more than just her at stake.

Revival will take you on an emotional roller coaster. My heart hurt for Dylan when he was dealing with his guilt, grief and sadness. I rooted for him to pull out of the darkness and find his light. I wanted Nina to let her guard down and find happiness and let herself live. Hope gives everyone strength and is a strong under current for both Dylan and Nina in this book. Revival remained steady throughout the whole book and gave us a great ending. I loved it.

Reviewed by Shannon

LLEP Review Team



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I’m a reader turn writer.

I’m a mom to two amazing girls by day

And a writer/dreamer by night

I’m a animal lover

I’m a wine lover

And I strongly dislike chocolate as I give up on the idea that I will ever have “sweet mouth”

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