Four Billionaires and a Bride by Raven Dark

Raven Dark’s newest erotica short story, Four Billionaires and a Bride is now LIVE! 

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When gorgeous, domineering billionaire Victor Spec asks Gemma to marry him, she’s both shocked and thrilled. She’s just an average girl, and Victor’s ready to give her everything a woman could want. But marrying this mogul comes with a catch. Victor has an unusual bond with three of his business partners. Becoming his wife means marrying all four of his CEOs—and that means pleasing them, in the bedroom and everywhere else they desire. 

After meeting her three other prospective husbands-to-be, Gemma feels as drawn to them as she is to Victor. She can’t wait to see if they’re as good at bringing her to her knees. The men are more than happy to show her their skills in a single night of passion, taking Gemma hard, unprotected, and every which way they can dream up, including all at once. But is she ready to swear her devotion to four powerful men who know just how to get what they want, whenever they want it?

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Author Bio

As a young girl Raven Dark dreamed of being abducted by a savage alien warrior, whisked away by a brutal pirate, or rescued by a cape-bearing hero. When none of these men came to claim her, she brought them to life in her stories. Then twelve years ago she met the man of her dreams. He doesn’t wear a cape, fly a spaceship, or wield a sword, but sometimes she swears they’ve mind melded.

Raven lives with her dream man and their one cat that thinks she’s a dog in the Mundane world’s version of Ontario, Canada. When she isn’t working on her latest erotic romance novels and crafting interesting worlds in which to set them, she’s spending too much time with friends, feeding her Youtube addiction, or curled up on a couch watching favorite shows with her future husband.

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