New Release: Some Like It Rough by Roanna M. Phillips

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Title: Some Like it Rough

Author: Roanna M. Phillips

Release Date: February 14


While on a business trip off world, Scott Barrante discovers that co-worker Lindsay MaNeal is into the dominance and submission games he enjoys. However, as soon as they start to play, their transport is attacked by slavers. Sold as entertainment, they find themselves trapped in a world of sensation and excess. Scott and Lindsay cling to each other while they try to find a way though their ordeal. Now their biggest question is will they be able to escape and reclaim their former lives.

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About the Author

Roanna bio


A dreamer from birth, I have wanted what others couldn’t understand, to create stories and spin tales of worlds unknown. To many, this was not considered the path to success, so I tried to shut out the voices of the characters in my head to take the path that was considered normal. Go out there and do something that would allow me to do a 9 to 5 job. Fail. The voices became louder, insistent even, so I had to give in to their demands. The result has been several stories that fall into the romance, erotic and contemporary genre and I have taken the time, effort and dedication to perfect them enough to let them be seen.

It was not an easy task, battling all the gremlins in my life, but battle I did and must because writing is the thing that keeps me going daily. To me every random, off-cuff statement has the potential to be used as the inspiration for a story. It has now gotten to the point that the sparks have become a wild, out of control, forest fire but I have been working on trying to master the flames. The battle has been intense but I am more than determined to come out the winner.

So I invite you to follow me into the flames on a journey to discover the path my characters eventually take. May it be filled with enough twists and turns to keep you wondering but, most of all, wanting more of every word you read.

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